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“MKT Production Commercial” LLC

"MKT Production Comercial" LLC has 25 years of experience in the non-oil sector of the Azerbaijani economy. The main activity of the company is the cultivation, supply and subsequent processing of cotton in 15 out of 20 cotton-growing regions of the country in ginneries, which have a controlling stake.

"MKT Production Comercial" LLC produces yarn, cottonseed oil, cottonseed and yarn from raw cotton, mainly seedless raw cotton, seed, as well as lint, uluk and mohair. These products are mainly exported to Turkey, Iran, Russia and other CIS countries.

The cotton wool produced by the company is orthogonal and has a unique color, which distinguishes it from, for example, American cotton with its yellowish hue.

In addition to the cotton processing, reception and innovation branches located in the regions, "MKT Production Comercial" LLC also operates the Baku Yarn Factory, which produces raw cotton yarn in Baku, and the Shirvan Oil Processing Plant, which produces raw cottonseed oil in Shirvan.

Baku Yarn Factory is equipped with modern technology of the German company RIETER and has the capacity to produce 7,000 tons of Open-End yarn per year. The factory was opened by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

Shirvan Oil Refinery produces cottonseed oil and cottonseed from technical raw materials, the enterprise has a linter line and a line for the production of refined oil. The plant, which has a central laboratory equipped with equipment from the United States, Germany, Italy and Turkey, has a processing capacity of 350-400 tons of raw materials per day.

"MKT Production Comercial" LLC guarantees its partners and buyers high quality and timely delivery of its goods. The company carries out major repairs, reconstruction and modernization of strategically important regional branches to maintain the dynamics of development.

New and more modern equipment, technical means and specialists produced in Turkey, the USA, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Switzerland and the Republic of Ukraine are involved in the plants and enterprises.

"MKT Production Comercial" LLC received a Certificate of Conformity from the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patents for finished products.

In the 2019-2020 season, the company produced a record 35.6 quintals / ha of raw cotton from 45,000 hectares. "MKT Production Comercial" LLC took the first place in the ranking of non-state exporters prepared for January, February and March of the current year. At present, our company has 3,200 employees and 23 branches in the regions.

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