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“MKT Production Commercial” LLC




As an employer, MKT IK LLC recognizes and accepts the duties and responsibilities of ensuring the health, safety and well-being of its employees in an appropriate and realistic manner.

MKT IK LLC will make every effort to protect its guests, customers and members of the public who may be affected during its activities.

MKT IK LLC will comply with all relevant laws, regulations and practices and will take measures within its authority to ensure the following:

  • To ensure and maintain the safe operation and safety of facilities and equipment,
  • To take measures to ensure the absence of risks to safety and health during the use, transfer, storage and transportation of materials and substances,
  • To provide its employees with necessary information, instructions, training and rules, if necessary, in order to ensure health and safety at work,
  • To keep the workplace in a safe condition and to ensure its safe entry and exit points,
  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment for Employees,

To achieve these goals, the enterprise must use the available resources to promote and maintain best practices in Health and Safety Management. MKT IK LLC will try to prevent any accidents that may result in damage, illness and damage to property.



-  MKT IK LLC firmly believes that Health and Safety is an essentially aspect of management equal to any other management function. The company expects all managers and supervisors to consider Health and Safety as part of their normal duties and responsibilities to prevent injury and occupational disease.     

- Management is responsible for Health and Safety Standards in the workplaces of MKT IK LLC.     

- Health and Safety will be monitored and taken into account as part of the evaluation of our work. Detailed information on related duties and responsibilities is set out in the HSE Code of Conduct. 



"MKT IK" MMC requirements of the law and their own health and safety standards to meet the needs of all employees to cooperate with management. Reminds employees not to take any actions that could adversely affect their Health or Safety. Any violation of the Company's Health and Safety Policy will result in disciplinary action. All employees will receive job descriptions of their duties and responsibilities as outlined in the Health and Safety Management System.




The main function of Health, Safety, Security and Environment is to help MKT IK LLC meet its Health and Safety goals. The members of the Management Board are responsible to the Chairman of the Management Board for the professional and comprehensive provision of Health and Safety in the enterprise, including the creation, implementation, monitoring and review of the Health and Safety Rules of MKT IK LLC.        




As part of our General Health and Safety measures, all work performed by MKT IK LLC is subject to corresponding and appropriate Health and Safety Risk Assessment.

The purpose of such assessments is to identify appropriate preventive and protective measures necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations and to ensure the health and safety of our employees.



No Health and Safety Policy will succeed without the active participation of our employees. Our operational team will hold safety improvement meetings on the Health and Safety Management System. In order to control and improve the HSSE in “MKT IK” LLC, the head of the HSE department was appointed in accordance with the legal requirements.



MKT IK LLC needs Health and Safety Training to ensure that our employees are experienced enough to carry out their work without endangering themselves and others. Such training will be provided during the employee's referral and on a regular basis.



The head of the HSE department is responsible for reporting information on the investigation of the circumstances and causes of all incidents related to damage, property damage, error or non-compliance.

If necessary, it is closely involved in the independent investigation of the incident, the investigation conducted by the internal investigation commission and the staff of state bodies, and provides the necessary assistance.


An appropriate report form for accidents will be completed. Copies of all reports will be sent to the Chairman of the Board. In certain cases, the entity may consult with an external authority (s). Then they will be provided with all the information about the event.



Copies of this policy will be delivered to all employees and will be hung in the work areas of MKT IK LLC. It will be brought to the attention of all contractors, customers and visitors and will be presented to any interested party.




MKT IK LLC's HSE policy will be reviewed regularly and amended depending on any changes in legislation or the needs of the enterprise. If necessary, new HSE objectives will be identified and disseminated to the workplace

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