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Vacancy: Technical Support Specialist (Helpdesk)


Position functions

  • Executes incoming requests of users;
  • Ability to work on the ServiceDesk portal;
  • Registers and executes telephone calls or verbal appeals;
  • Enters information about incoming problems and incidents, as well as their solutions into the system;
  • Technical support of the Company's users based on incoming written requests;
  • Carrying out regular maintenance and diagnostics of the company's computer and office equipment, as well as troubleshooting during prevention and diagnostics;
  • Inform management about problems encountered during the service;
  • Develop new computers and provide software;
  • Preparation of new jobs, construction of IT infrastructure of current and newly opened branches of the Company, adjustment of computer and office equipment;
  • Opening new users, existing blocked users in the company's operating program;
  • To provide written information to the management about the required technical equipment, preferred devices, etc. in the Company and its branches;
  • Installation of security cameras, technical support;
  • Execution of other functions arising from the relevant instructions of the employment contract, the Charter of the Company, the regulations of the governing bodies and / or department (branch), as well as other internal corporate acts on its activities;

Computer skills

  • Installation of Hardware and Software systems.
  • Windows XP / WIN 7 / WIN 8.1 / WIN 10.
  • Ability to work with network equipment, WiFi access points.
  • You need to know the termination of the cables.
  • Must be able to troubleshoot software-level problems with printers and other peripherals.
  • Must be able to think analytically and solve the problem as soon as possible.
  • Must be able to work with remote control programs (remote service)


  • Age limit: 20-35.
  • Work experience: more than 2 years.
  • High education.
  • Driving license.

Work schedule: 5 days, 09: 30-18: 30.
Salary will be determined on the basis of knowledge and skills on the basis of interview.

The CV should be sent to the e-mail address in Azerbaijani with the title of the position - "Technical Support Specialist" in the subject line.