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Cotton Mill Cake

Cotton Mill Cake

Cotton mill cake is the husk left over from the production of cottonseed oil. These residues are used in domestic and foreign markets as animal feed. Due to the high protein content of this product, there is a great demand for this product in foreign markets. MKT PC LLC has brought Norwegian-made Orkel packaging equipment so that the product can be easily exported to foreign markets. With the help of this equipment, cotton mill cake can be collected in bags and exported to any country in the world. In the 2018-2019 season, cotton mill cake was exported to Turkey, Iran, and Kazakhstan.

Indicators The result of test
Colour Brown
Sort 1-4
Mouisture 5% - 7%
Fats 4% - 8%
Protein 22% - 26%
Metal crubs 0,001%
Ash 2,17%
Gossypol 0,002%
Cellulose 22% - 26%
Aphlatoxin-B1 7 - 20 ppb

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