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“MKT Production Commercial” LLC



MKT Production Commercial LLC invites farmers to plant cotton jointly.

Dear farmers, you can benefit from the advance services provided by our company until the harvest season by planting your arable lands together with us.

The main principles of working with farmers are as follows:

You approach the branches of MKT Production Commercial LLC, fill out the initial application and you will be provided with information about the set of documents. The application contains information about yourself and the field, as well as your contact information.

According to the appeal, our agronomists inspect the sown area and decide whether the area is suitable for planting.

After deciding that the sowing area is suitable, the farmer approaches our branches again with the documents mentioned in the collection of documents and signs a contract with MKT Production Commercial LLC.

Our company provides services in all other processes (irrigation, weeding, sowing, defaluation, harvesting), starting from the process of plowing the land, without receiving any funds from farmers in advance. The cost of services rendered is recorded as a debt in the name of the farmer.

During the harvest, MKT Production Commercial LLC delivers the collected cotton.

In the process of taking over, first of all, the farmer's debt is fully covered, and the remaining funds are paid at the expense of the farmer.

In other words, the farmer completes the harvest and reimburses the company for the services he used to sell the cotton to the branch.

These services are provided by MKT Production Commercial LLC for the development of cotton growing in Azerbaijan. Our company, as one of the largest export companies operating in the non-oil sector of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is constantly working for the development of our country's economy.

To use the service, you can use the contact means provided below or

You can approach our branches.


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