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An employee of MKT Production Commercial LLC has risen to the peak of martyrdom.


According to the partial mobilization announced in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the employees of “MKT Production Commercial” LLC also joined the process of conscription of reservists and various categories of military specialists.

MKT Production Commercial LLC is always in touch and interested in the employees of the battles, and tries to support them by caring for their families and relatives. The company's initiative continues even after the end of the war. The good news we receive from each of our employees gives us joy and pride.

Azer Shukurov, who was drafted into the army from the beginning of the fighting, was also a valuable and native member of the company. After the end of the war, it was impossible to hear from him. His family, friends and relatives were waiting for information about him every hour, every day. The news that came these days upset every employee of the company.

Participating in heavy battles, Azer Shukurov rose to the peak of martyrdom in the battles for the homeland. He will always live in the heart of the staff of MKT Istehsalat Kommersiya LLC as a valuable, native, brave and courageous employee.

May God have mercy on you! May your soul be happy!